Soon, very soon now

It’s the last day of November and I’m freezing.

I’m avoiding using the heater due to the fact I’m (sort of) a guest at Simon’s and it dries the hell out of me.


One month and one week since

We started Civilization on October the 18th.

The week before that, we were carrying chairs bought from the budget corner of IKEA, setting up old computers discarded by IT managers always eager to upgrade to the latest toys, and plotting which clients to approach and how to go about it. It has been a madcap ride.

Our very first meeting (on the 18th) was with out old clients from BBDO, Lay’s. They asked us to launch a new potato snack, packaged fries in a cup, which of course we whimsically named 我是真薯条 (“I am a real fry”).

A product’s package is its first advertisement. So we placed little messages on the lid like “I am a real workaholic”, “I am a real tech geek”, “I am a real flirt” and so on. In short, the consumer gets the version that best represents him or her.

They loved it. So it was a good start for the company.