31st December 2012


Writing this in an editing suite. Closing out the year working. How appropriate for a start-up.


Stealing from the master thief himself

In the spirit of Steve ripping off the ideas of others and then perfecting them through flawless execution, we spoofed the “Mac vs. PC” ads for the sophomore campaign of 大街王 (China’s LinkedIn, I’m not sure the client got the irony of this deliberate copycat concept). I hope we did Jobs and our pirate brethren at TBWA/MAL justice.

Of Pepsi Cola and paper aeroplanes

Live Plus is a post-production house where I would allegedly spending my last day on Earth (if the doomsday disciples of meandering Mayan myth are proven right).

We were editing two films and it clicked to me I should stop holding back when it came to making creative calls. Deferring to my business partner and my production partners does not make the work better but often worse.