100 Days of Winter

We celebrated our century record in a karaoke room with the decor themed to a popular Japanese manga comic. How ironic in the light of all this nationalist Japan-bashing, in which normally intelligent Chinese people become brainwashed party automatons, that they still worship at the altar of their nemesis’s brands and pop culture.


Pepsi “Family”

Pepsi Cola in China is well known for producing celebrity studded Chinese New Year extravaganzas every year. For 2013, we created something a little different for them. While the main commercial was being filmed, we went behind the scenes to ask the stars involved very personal questions about what and who represents “family” to them. Their answers were stitched together, in addition to those of ordinary people, in a documentary that asks all of us never to forget, in the season of family reunion, the “family” we chose along life’s journey.