Bring Happiness Home 2015

China’s first crowdsourced movie and advertising campaign. PepsiCo enlists the help of award-winning director Wei-Ran Li and China’s top celebrities to co-create with consumers a slew of documentaries about the largest annual human migration and most important festival on the Chinese calendar. Through a video mobile app, Mei Pai, the public submits 15-second videos that are then curated and edited to form this tribute to family reunion.

Brand: Pepsi / Lay’s

Client Executive: Richard Lee / Tina Wang

Agency: CIVILIZATION Shanghai

Creative Director: Alex Xie / Andrew Lok

Writer: Juno Zhang / Miya Wang

Art Director: Stephen Zou / Hansen Hu / Jason Dai / Sally Shi

Client Management: Grace Dong / Lisa Li

Executive Producer: Guo-Jun Yu

Production Company: Perfect Life Beijing

Director: Wei-Ran Li

Cinematographer: Tian-Xiang Xie (TVC)、Liang Chen(导演版本把乐带回家&众创)

Producer: Qia-Qia Dong 、 Zhi-yi Zheng 、 Yang Li 、Zhuang Liu

Post Production Company: DIgit-Digit Beijing(TVC)/ PO Shanghai(Offline)&Digit-Digit Beijing(TC&Online) (导演版本把乐带回家)/ Touches Hongkong(Offline)&Digit-Digit HK(TC)&Digit-Digit BJ(Online)(众创)

Editor: Bo-Xu Guo(TVC)A-Bo(导演版本)Nuo-Yi Huang(众创)

Sound & Music: Digit-Digit Beijing


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